A Spoken Mongol-English Dictionary

From the author:

Mongolian also has a number of terms that no longer have current meaning and have become unidiomatic, just as any living language would. Throughout the last hundred years, words have changed their meaning. In addition, some words have fallen into disuse. In order for me to study Mongolian, some words have fallen into disuse. Those words that are no longer in use and have gone out of currency have been less important to me. I tried to avoid the traditional mistakes that saturate many of the earlier bilingual Mongol dictionaries. In addition, I have tried my best to incorporate those new coinages and spellings that have become widespread in spoken or modern Mongolian. Mongol dictionaries, even the latest ones, leave out many of these terms.

  • Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Audio: no
  • Written in: English

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