Modern Mongolian: A Primer and Reader

Modern Mongolian. A Primer and Reader

Book description

The purpose of this book is to provide a reading knowledge of Modern Mongolian for someone who desires to learn it. The student who completes this book will be able to read most of the current publications coming out of the Mongolian Republic with the aid of a dictionary. The book contains a comprehensive overview of the grammar of the language and a selection of reading materials of diverse content, which will provide a basic knowledge of the language but not an overly narrow vocabulary. Selections were taken from folktales, short stories, essays, and other sources.

In the first ten lessons, each lesson has an individual vocabulary of the words that appear in the reading selection. Detailed notes have also been added to all examples after lesson ten, explaining idiomatic expressions and difficult constructions.

  • Level: Elementary – intermediate
  • Audio: no
  • Written in: English

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