New Czech Step by Step

Czech for foreigners is a teaching program designed for beginners to intermediates. Students gain a basic understanding of the Czech language over the course of twenty clearly structured units. This completely revised version keeps the basics of the old version, like having independent combinable sections, a reference system, and most importantly the color-coding of genders you see in the grammar, which is loved by both students and teachers.

The new graphical layout brings many additional exercises, pictures (made by Michaela Kukowi*ová), photographs, and text (including short introductory texts that help the student understand a given grammatical feature). As illustrated by the unit titles (such as My Family, Directions, In the Restaurant, Free Time, Finding your way, Communicating), the textbook focuses primarily on communication and practical skills. The illustrated workbook and sound CD contain six pages of exercises and activities for each unit.

  • Level: Beginner-elementary
  • Audio: Yes
  • Written in: English

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