Czech: An Essential Grammar

Featuring key structures and features of modern Czech, Czech: An Essential Grammar is a practical reference guide for learning the language. This engaging grammar offers a fresh, accessible perspective on Czech, presenting the complexities of the language in brief, readable sections and using clear, jargon-free explanations.

It is designed to be used independently or by students in schools, colleges, universities, and adult classes. Key features include:

Czech: An Essential Grammar
  • Focus on the syntax and morphology of the language.
  • Definitions of grammatical terms.
  • Authentic examples are used throughout.
  • An index and detailed content list make it easy to find information.

Students will be able to read, speak, and write Czech with greater confidence as Czech: An Essential Grammar emphasizes the language that native speakers use today.

  • Level: Beginner-intermediate
  • Audio: No
  • Written in: English

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