Mastering Arabic Script: A Guide to Handwriting

In contrast to the printed form of the Arabic script, this textbook is devoted to teaching handwriting with illustrations. In the Arab world, well-formed and fluent handwriting is highly valued. It teaches the universal form of Arabic handwriting commonly used by native speakers (riq’a) and compares it with the usual printed form (naskh). It consists of three parts: a section on basic letter shapes, a chapter on letter combinations, and a section on extended writing. It’s filled with clear examples, practice exercises, insider tips from an expert, and lively activities. Use the book as a supplement to the popular Mastering Arabic courses or on its own.

Designed for beginners and early intermediates, Mastering Arabic Script is perfect for self-study or classroom use.

  • Level: Beginner – intermediate
  • Audio: no
  • Written in: English

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