Arabic For Dummies

In just a few hours, readers can learn Modern Standard Arabic. Its practical lessons, cultural facts, and handy references will prove useful, whether you’re a student, a traveler, or a business or government employee.

Throughout the book, you’ll find guidance on basic grammar as well as vocabulary needed for introductions and greetings, using proper etiquette, making small talk, making transportation arrangements, ordering food and beverages, asking directions, dealing with money, shopping, and handling emergencies.

  • Content has been revised and updated.
  • Pedagogy and organization are revamped to provide a user-friendly design.
  • Topics include grammar, verb conjugations, and pronunciations.
  • Access free conversations online.
  • You won’t want to be without this handy guide if you plan to learn Arabic! It contains practical instruction, cultural information, and handy references you won’t want to miss!
  • Level: Beginner-elementary
  • Audio: Yes
  • Written in: English

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